Birley’s Salt Beef Bar

Finding a good lunch place in Canary Wharf is a pretty daunting experience especially when you see the queues outside every place be it Wasabi or Nandos and finding a good place is even more difficult mainly because we stick to places closest to us. Well I broke the monotony this week and headed a bit out of my normal circle and found a good place for great sandwiches; Birley’s and even though it is a chain and I normally despise chain food, this little Salt Beef Bar is quite good for lunch especially when you are bored of boring baguettes and pre made sandwiches with a lot of crap in the name of ‘Healthy’ stuff and yes that does include Birley’s own Soupes, Salads and sandwich shops.

My two most favourites are Salt Beef brisket and Scottish Roast Beef sandwiches. You can choose between white or brown bread and for sauces you can ask for butter, mustard, Ketchup, Cranberry or apple sauce.

The recipe for an awesome sandwich includes brown bread with butter on top side and little mustard on bottom and salt beef with pepper and cheese in the middle or if you are using Scottish Roast beef I add salt and remove cheese.

On other occasions I have also tried Cranberry and Turkey but honestly Turkey meat isn’t my favourite because it is too dry.

If you work in the Cit or Canary Wharf you will definitely come across Birley’s and while I do not enjoy the salads or soups, their sandwiches can be quite fun and a good break from same monotonous lunch with room for experimentation. Go Birley’s!

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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