Week 2

Week 2 has begun and my struggle continues with the completely altered food schedule with a limited set of stuff I can eat. The biggest toll it takes on your sleep but it is getting better especially with the intense exercise which makes me sleep like a log.

This week I did some more experimentation with food and found some more interesting ideas, some more to keep myself from getting hungry and some because I was very hungry but I definitely feel like it is getting easier with time to not feel as hungry.
The first marvel that landed on my hands are these mini pots from Leon; convenient, clean, few ingredients and delicious. The only down side is the size. It take a couple of pots to satisfy you and the cost adds up.

For breakfast I love the smoked salmon, egg and avocado pot. The whole pot tastes delicious and I’m a huge fan of runny yolk so yayyyy!!!

For lunch my two favourites are Moroccan meatballs in tomato sauce and grilled chicken with chimichuri sauce. The meatball pot is quite tomato-y and you can feel the lamb nicely and uniformly minced. The chicken is thigh meat and slightly dry but chimichuri sauce really helps. The neat so soft and fragrant to perfection.

Another experiment this week has been with Jerusalem artichokes; it was on the list of vegetable allowed and i happened to find it in Waitrose while getting veggies. I went through some recipes and finally decided to go with a simple dish instead of a lot of ingredients.
You need Jerusalem artichokes peeled and chopped, boil and mash them but keep it slightly lumpy. Heat some raw coconut oil and add some chopped onions and garlic to it, when the onions turn translucent add a little bit of salt, black pepper and artichokes and let it fry for a couple of minutes.

The smell of these artichokes is absolutely amazing throughout the cooking process. Add some peas and cover for about 5 minutes on low heat. You are good to go, I also tried it with some prawns and it was just brilliant. I have a new favourite whoop whoop!!



Another fun idea of a great salad came from the visit to 222 in West Brompton; the kale avocado salad. The restaurant had spinach and avocados but I wanted to see if the black kale was good enough. To add some freshness for lunch I threw in some cucumbers as well. Don’t forget to season ti with some salt and olive oil and a dash of lemon juice. Replace with spinach if you can’t stomach kale.

One last piece of advice which I found quite useful with my research. Use fiber because high protein diet can lead to constipation. I would highly recommend Ispaghula Husk but there’s a little twist to it; if you use the husk in hot water it works on constipation and if you use it in cold water it will do the opposite so be careful with how you’re using this.

Also with a lot of meat comes a lot of urea in your kidneys and a lot of strain on your liver. Soak some chia or basil seeds at night and drink them first thing in the morning. They are really good for clearing out your system, reducing strain on your liver and make sure you use them in soaked condition and not baked or toasted.

After my measurements int he gym yesterday I have lost 2 kg weight in total and a 0.5% loss in body fat but apparently I lost more fat on my legs. Go mee!!!


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