Week 1

So the first week has gone by with a lot of changes (my heart cries and begs for yummy restaurant food) but I have my eyes on the prize so I’m tried my best to stick to the diet.

The first few weeks include high protein high fat diet till evening with carbs allowed for dinner in the form of rice or baby potatoes or brown potatoes but I hate their taste.

I have made some very useful discoveries but most of it has been about adjusting the body to low carbs during the day and the kitchen to cook some more meat.

The first awesome discovery was these wings covered with coconut and chilli and baked. I was a little sceptical when I saw them because chilli is more of a colour than a flavour in UK but this one was amazing. The coconut dusting outside made it very different but the chilli hidden made the flavour more pronounced. I heated them up a little bit and sprinkled some lemon and they were ready for some healthy food time.  Protein Haus came to my rescue!

I have met very few meat eaters who don’t like steaks and I am no exception in any way in fact I love them a bit too much but getting a really good steak is relatively difficult in London. They are either horribly made, over/undercooked or are very expensive. I happen to know someone who is a profession chef and gave me a few tips on how to cook the perfect steak.

How to cook a perfect steak:

Disclaimer: I have no idea what a well done steak is and refuse to provide instructions for it mainly because it is a disgrace!

First you want to get some steaks, the best one is Sirloin or Fillet. If you like yous with more fat go for Rib eye. The steaks are normally chilled in the supermarket and you want them to reach the room temperature. A good steak is always well seasoned and it is surprising how easy it is and how badly it is usually done. You want to put the coarse black pepper first for the taste to penetrate and then sprinkle salt on top. Leave it overnight preferably but if you are short on time like I usually am just leave it for a few minutes.

Now you need a pan preferably grill and non stick but normal frying pans do as well. You put some oil (Do not use olive oil because it burns at high temperatures but normal vegetable oil is good). Turn the heat high and let the pan heat, when you see the pan and oil smoking it is ready. Put the steak on the pan and let it fry for a minute and a half, increase the time if you want it done more or if the steak is thicker. Flip the steak and repeat on other side. Take and sharp knife and make a cut on the side to see the redness int he middle, it should be relatively rarer. Remove it from the pan and wrap it in aluminium foil for 2-4 minutes. This will let the steak sweat and cook ti to perfect temperature. Unwrap the foil and your steak is ready. I absolutely loved mine  because it was nice, juicy and relatively cheap (Only £12 for 2 steaks).

A long working Saturday ended up in some indulgence but I was smart about it and went to Protein Haus in Canary Wharf, after having a look I chose these paleo cookies made with almond flour, macadamia and egg whites. The taste was quite bland without any sweetners or sugars (DUH!) but it had a slight hint of sweet which was good on its own and after finishing the cookies I roamed around happily without feeling as guilty as I usually do by cheat meals and days. Woohooo!!

And last but not the least my new favourite is this really easy omelette, basically you need 5 minutes, 2 eggs, coconut oil (or any other oil), spring onions, some mushrooms of your choice, green chilies (de-seeded if you are not good with spicy food) and salt to taste. I like coarse rock salt because it has a nice flavour and because it is coarse you get little patches which are slightly saltier than other bites making it fun.

You chop mushrooms and put them in a non stick pan with some mild heated coconut oil and let them cook for a minute. After they start getting slightly brown, add the spring onions and chillies and wait another 30 seconds. Remember the more crowded the pan the longer it will take mushrooms.

Once the vegetables are done, add the whisked eggs with salt in them. Let the eggs settle on one side for about a minute and then flip it over to get a uniform omelette or scramble it if you like it that way.

I loved it because how easy it is and how flavoursome and fresh it felt with no burden and I felt full for quite some time.


The first week is over and while it has been challenging I feel quite proud I managed not to eat any junk food or sodas and I have had only 1 restaurant meal. Wait up for next week’s post to see what new stuff I tried and how it felt.



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