Royal Nawaab

Royal Nawaab is the best place to go to if you’re interested in the widest variety of Pakistani food from Sindhi Biryani to Paye (goat feet) to Nihari to Namkeen gosht; all of them specialties from different regions of the culturally rich country.

Contrary to popular belief Pakistani food is NOT the same as Indian food, yes there are similarities in spices but the recipes and style is completely different.

This is a buffet place and on entrance you will be given a seat and then you can begin immediately as did we.

The first set of dishes was what are considered snacks (chaat, Gol Gappay etc) which are mostly used for evening tea or between meals and frankly the quality was not that amazing because it is notoriously hard to make these things in large quantities all together.

In the next section, we found some BBQ kebabs including roasted chicken, seekh kebabs and my ultimately favourite Chapli Kebabs which are a delicacy from the North West of the country.

Chapli kebabs were absolutely amazing, soft and warm and then we moved in to some normal curry type dishes. The variety is quite amazing and we saw everything from around 10 chicken and 10 lamb dishes along with some vegetarian stuff but honestly we didn’t pay any attention to that oops!

The best ones for lamb were palak gosht (spinach with lamb) and kareley gosht (gourd with lamb) and you have to have the different types of bread, naan, roti or paratha which just add to the flavour and experimentation is the key to good combos but hold on! The best 2 sections are yet to be explored.

Moving on we found the special dishes, paye, nihari, haleem, namkeen gosht and toast lamb steak which is salted lamb roasted in a pan. Even though the food was far less spicy than what I am used to, the quality was good and meat was very thoroughly cooked.

By this time we were about to explode so we took a little break and after about half an hour we finally headed to the God’s most lethal production; desserts.

Again the variety was astounding with a selection of gulab jaman, falooda, shahi tukre, custard and ice creams. Shahi tukre were absolutely brilliant follows by warm dripping gulab jaman; absolutely divine.

We ended the evening by paying and left for a small walk which turned into a 5 mile brisk walk because as much as I loved the food, I loved my stomach even more.

Royal Nawab was a good experience overall and much better than a lot of other ‘authentic’ Pakistani restaurants like Tayyab’s who just run in referral basis with absolutely vile food with no taste and style. Do pay a visit people if you can bring yourself to visit zone 4 for some Pakistani goodness.

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★
Price                             £££££

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