The scariest adventure I have done so far to get food!!! You cannot go to Sao Paulo and not try the Pastille and mortadella sandwiches and the best place to get these are from Municipal market or Mercado de Municipal.

This is a tricky part now because the way to get there is either to go in a taxi alone but you could be robbed on the way or take a local friend and go via metro and then walk a little; I chose the later and headed to try some amazing sandwiches. We arrived at the metro station Sao Bento.

You get out of the station and you will start hearing shouting and some scary noises like a bomb going off or constant firing; don’t be scared these are just firecrackers (Brazilians are intense about fireworks which is amazing when you’re on the beach on New Years but scary on the streets around you.)

I really dug into my friends arm ad started walking towards the market. He was laughing really hard and soona fter I realise it wasn’t quite the mine trap I thought and the shouting was not from fighting but the people in general are intense and loud which calmed me down.

Finally we got to the market which was half closed because of Christmas but Hocca was open to our delight and we sat around the simple stools and ordered ourselves sandwiches. I decided on shrimp and my friend went for chicken. Just when we finished ordering a local band with men in their 50’s started playing a local song which was quite good and thanked us three times for being nice and giving them 10 Reals.

The sandwiches arrived very shortly after piping hot and delicious. These are very thin puff pastry wraps around lots of cheese and meat filling. We cut them in half and saw the amazing cheese running out with prawns, I was already hungry and just dug in. The first bite was hot so a couple of minutes I had my true taste of these amazing sandwiches and after a lemon squeeze recommended by staff I absolutely loved them. I thought I’d be able to get another one but the sandwiches were quite heavy so it took a bit of struggle to finish the one’s we had  ordered. Absolute delight and I sent a thank you to the friend who’d recommended straight away.

This was an amazing experience not only because the food was great but also we got to see a bit of underprivileged side of Sao Paulo and some great music on top with a tour of Municipal market and the cherry on top is how ridiculously cheap it was. Hocca is a definite must-go on our list of food places to visit in Sao Paulo and when I visit again, this will eb the first stop again…

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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