Bleecker Burger

Bleecker Street Burger is the best burger in London full stop!!!

A small walk from my office in Canary Wharf I saw this little trailer shop with a 5 liner me u; something that always excites me because it means they don’t need to have 10 million items to attract customers.

This is the Bleecker burger stop for me ever since. I always get medium rare double cheese burger and girl that tastes amazing. You feel like you’re rolling in a sea of well seasoned beef burgers with that warm amazing feeling of cheese making every bite juicier and creamier.

To accompany the burger and to make the experience taste last longer I got fries and a drink but it felt like a continuous experience even with the fries and Drink breaks.

Medium rare double cheese burger with angry fries and a drink of choice is the prescription for an amazing lunch whether you are at Canary Wharf or City of London.

On a more recent trip, I tried the Bleecker Black burger which has black pudding in it and is absolutely divine so do give it a try for sure. Another fun thing is to try unsalted fries with Blue Cheese sauce *foodgasm continued*

Bleecker burger is a god send amongst a bunch of really mediocre burger parlours claiming to be the best, we love you Bleecker!!! ❤

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Price                             £££££


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