Fogo de Chao

My best friend is Brazillian and before packing my bags when I was doing my research on restaurants in Brazil, the top recommendation was Fogo de Chao along with D.O.M and Mani. Unfortunately Mani and D.O.M were closed because of Christmas but Fogo de Chao made my Christmas amazing by being open on Christmas eve.

I headed to the place with a local friend, the restaurant we visited is on Rua Augusta in Jardims area which is one of the richest and nicest neighborhoods in Sao Paulo.

The restaurant has a very slick interior especially the entrance and we were seated quickly even though we didn’t have reservations (normally it is packed but this was Christmas eve and everyone was busy with family stuff plus it was 50% extra which seemed only fair after feeling bad for the staff).

This was my introduction to the real Churrascaria style dining in Brazilian style and even though I have been to Rodizio Rico in London this was a whole different level. The way it works is, you have a salad bar area in the middle which has everything from different types of salads to staple food, Brazilian favourite rice and beans and a long list of things from smoked fish to sushi to tropical fruits, cheese and regional delicacies. You will grab whatever you fancy and go back to your seat. Soon after the waiters will start arriving with different cuts of meat mostly beef but you also get lamb and pork sausages and oh do not forget chicken hearts.

You are given a card with ‘Keep-them-coming’ sign on one side and ‘I-am-about-t-explode’ on the other side and you choose which side to display, the red side means you won’t be disturbed.

There are two reasons to love this dining style; you get to try a lot of different types of meat and pick and choose and secondly Brazilians really know how to season the meat. You will see juices overflowing from the tenderest of meat and no sense of rawness, such is the skill!!!

I am normally very vigilant about taking pictures but this was so heavenly I completely ignore my inner blogger and finally when I realized what I had done I went to the kitchen where the waiters let em take pictures of the grill; the staff was extremely friendly and smiley which was refreshing.

Finally after going through pretty much every type of meat I put the Red side of card to indicate cannot eat more food and sipped my Caipirinha with a content feeling at the back of my head you get after being thoroughly pampered.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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