A lazy Sunday brunch hunt in Old Spitalfields market revealed an extremely amazing surprise, Androuet; a fondue restaurant with an amazing selection of cheese and my favourite and sought after Bresola beef…

On one side you will find a very neatly kept shop with a great selection of cheese and wine to pair with the cheese and on the other side is cozy seating arrangement to try the restaurant menu.

We got a seat straight away which seemed like miracle considering how Spitalfields Market is on Sundays for brunch and were handed menus; quite compact and a good variety of food. The menu is a mix of French and Swiss and has a lot of cheese especially fondue. We chose Classic fondue, French and Swiss mixed Racelette and Bressola Beef with some camomile tea.

I always love the way a fondue is set up, it’s a little bit like the Japanese tea ceremony but more Swiss. We had ours set up and soon after our fondue arrived with beef both of which were amazing. I recommend baby potatoes instead of bread because I love the texture of cheese on potatoes (my inner fat child is very stubborn) but we went with bread this time to balance the potatoes with Raclette, which arrived soon after.

The cheese with its signature taste is a heart warmer and the combo with beef was absolutely amazing.

Tip: drink hot tea or hot beverages with fondue and cheese based food to avoid the heavy feeling later and this is exactly what we did.

We loved some tea with a view of Old Spitalfields Market and finally got up to try some desserts which were aplenty around, thank you Androuet for the awesome food and rich experience, we’ll be back soon…

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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