Don Julio

“Where should I go to try the best steaks in Buenos Aires?”

“There are a few places I would recommend but the best in my opinion is Don Julio.”

This was my conversation with my AirBnB host in Buenos Aires upon arrival. I looked it up and I was staying 2 blocks away from the place, woohooooo! I called the restaurant and the woohoo turned into oho. It was fully booked for the next 2 weeks for dinner and since I had the luxury of holidays on my hands I decided for a lunch reservation which was the last one for 2 weeks as well apparently. Go Don Julio!

I arrived around 1 pm and there was already a queue because they don’t take reservations after 1 pm and Argentinean like late lunches like their Spanish ancestors. The nice part however was a glass of champagne handed to me while waiting.

I was soon given a seat inside a very Bohemian looking room with deep mahogany furniture, I was in love with this restaurants. The interior has a very warm feeling without being too edgy and the hushed murmuring reminded me of how wine gets into action with nice food; the love intensified..

I ordered a Rib Eye steak without bothering with starters (Honestly it feels like a disrespect to steaks if you don’t keep yourself hungry for what’s about to come). I sat back and relaxed with some juice and soon arrived the bread and butter which kept me nice and cozy till the star of the show arrived.

I looked at this mammoth steak and give a sweet kiss to my host for his recommendation. It was this beautiful, thick piece of meat which shouted ‘EAT MEE NOWWWW!!!’.

I grabbed my Don Julio steak knife and cut the first slice of this piece of art and slowly chewed and reminded myself that they don’t like it very rare and steaks are slightly overcooked compared to Europe. As I got closer to the meatier portions of steak it got better and more delicious, perhaps I needed a bit of taste adjustment to actually enjoy the steaks; Argentinean style.

For a restaurant thats included int he list of top 50 restaurants in South America, Don Julio is surprisingly cheap. The selection of wine is spectacular and just adds to the experience and the warm attitude of staff and the slightly smoky smell coming from the grill in the dining room just puts a warm glowing smile on your face that is perhaps the signature of South America.

Don Julio is a star in Buenos Aires and rightfully so but like I said before, reset your palette before you head out so you can enjoy the steak Don Julio way.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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