Polpo; the only place I had to wait for on three different occasions and left because the queue was too damn long. I was smart this time and made a brunch reservation and arrived at the exact time to make sure I don’t miss it this time.

The restaurant is located in Soho though they have other locations as well. The beautiful balcony above the restaurant entrance remind me of Swiss balconies in winter, full of character. The place is always busy and is part of restaurant vanity project (We don’t reservations for dinner because we want you to queue for hours out of your evening and weekend time) and I’d recommend a lunch booking especially weekend brunches so you don’t have to wait to get food.

We arrived bang on time and were seated shortly, the smell was amazing. I came with an Italian friend to see how Venetian Polpo really was. We ordered Spritz with Aperol which is an Italian specialty though its more for summer.

For food we ordered stuffed fried olives, a bruschetta with walnuts goat cheese and roasted grapes, grilled focaccia with olive oil, lamb and mint meatballs, chilli and garlic parwns and finally crab and chilli linguine.

The food arrives as you go along in small plates to share and is quite interesting. First came the olives and prawns both of which were nice though prawns seemed slightly dry but it goes well with rocket and olives were perfectly marinated.

the second round brought bruschetta and meatballs. The bruschetta was very flavoursome with goat cheese and honey and grapes added bits of yummy flavour that made every bite different. Then we got focaccia which was apparently not very focaccia but in between focaccia and bread; focaccia is Italy is bread made with pizza dough topped with herbs etc.

Though it was boring on its own, focaccia and meatballs were really good together and we absolutely loved the combo. Finally the server brought crab linguine and we couldn’t hold the wow in which made her giggle, I’m sure she gets that a lot. The pasta was extremely nicely done with a lot of flavour.

Though polpo is not traditional venetian in terms of menu, the innovation and a modern touch do add a lot of flavour to the food and it is a must-go for a nice brunch.

ps Don’t forget to try some cinnamon buns from Nordic Bakery right across the Golden square for some soft buns with a coffee that will make you forget Monday is right around the corner.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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