Marisqueira Sintra

San Antonio de Lisboa is a small and historic fishing town in Florianopolis with a small but stunning beach and a bunch of really amazing seafood restaurants. The crown jewel is this nice set up and very comfortable place called Marisqueira Sintra serving the best seafood I have ever had in a long time.

After a nice long dip in the sea and some awesome time on the beach we set our eyes on this place with a queue outside. The exterior was simple and looked very seasoned. We joined the queue and soon a waiter handed us the menu and told us it would be 45 minutes before we get seats. We stood steady and luckily we had our seats in 20 minutes. I always love the psychology behind the perceived waiting time and actual one *wink wink*.

The restaurant has an amazing and interesting range of food. The chef is a young woman who’s spent a lot of time in Portugal and understands the European and South American pallet well. We chose oyster with apple puree, anchovies, fried octopus and for mains we chose a sort f stew of mixed seafood with potatoes in a tomato-y sauce with rice.

The oysters arrived with fish and the first bite seemed wrong. We tried another and another but the combination just didn’t work, luckily we’d run out of oysters by then, the fish was amazing though, the warmth made it amazing with some bread and butter.

Then the star of our meal arrived; Octopus in the pan and from the first bite to the last, We were in a different world, one foodgasm after another. It was the best Octopus I have EVER had in my life, so absolutely perfectly cooked with the right combination of spices, I actually wanted to lick the pan clean.

Soon after arrived the main which was to share and we started drooling in anticipation. If starters were so awesome the main course would be…. and it didn’t disappoint. The sauce was very good along with a nice touch of seafood and the fish and seafood just made the whole combination amazing.

This beautiful restaurants located just at the beach will make you realize how little you need to be happy, I’ll definitely go back and hopefully soon.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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