Vento Haragano

Vento Haragano was an absolute delight, so much so that I’d call it the best churrascaria I’ve been to in Brazil. Located in Jardims the restaurant has quite a grand entrance but I have to admit it looks a bit bland with the mud colour prevalent throughout the theme.

We were received cordially and promptly seated. My friends hadn’t been to Churrascaria before so the waiter explained how it works.

The way it works is, you have a salad bar area in the middle which has everything from different types of salads to staple food, Brazilian favourite rice and beans and a long list of things from smoked fish to sushi to tropical fruits, cheese and regional delicacies. You will grab whatever you fancy and go back to your seat. Soon after the waiters will start arriving with different cuts of meat mostly beef but you also get lamb and pork sausages and oh do not forget chicken hearts. The salad bar here had a lot of traditional Brazilian delicacies including some evegtable I have never heard of before, these were potato-ey in texture and shape and were different flavour from sweet potato and normal potatoes. There was another delicacy (sorry I completely forgot the name) which is a mix of corm and some mayonnaise based salad on leaves. The selection of cheese, fruit and olives was also extensive.

You are given a card with ‘Keep-them-coming’ sign on one side and ‘I-am-about-t-explode’ on the other side and you choose which side to display, the red side means you won’t be disturbed.

There are two reasons to love this dining style; you get to try a lot of different types of meat and pick and choose and secondly Brazilians really know how to season the meat. You will see juices overflowing from the tenderest of meat and no sense of rawness, such is the skill!!!

The meat was the best here than anywhere else and the highlight was Picanha cut which was extremely tender and you could eat the whole damn steak without a break. We tried everything from chicken hearts to different cuts of beef, from mustardised lamb to lamb chops and sausages. I completely forgot about the salad and ate as much as I could of this meat which was one better than other.

To make things better their Caipirinhas are heavenly and not as bitter as other places which prepared us for a perfect nap before a great evening and a night out in the amazing clubs and bars of Sao Paulo.

Vento was a true discovery for me and comes highly recommended from yours only!!!

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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