Since I haven’t tried much of Spanish food despite my love of Spain as a country, I looked for some places and got some recommendations from Spanish friends and the top of the list was Barrafina. The restaurant is present in 3 locations but we chose Covent Garden considering it was a stone throw away from tube station.

The annoying thing about Barrafina was its unwillingness to take reservations; the restaurant vanity project,I mean why, why I never understood!!!

So we arrived and luckily the queue was not that long probably because it was the weekend after New Years and everyone was recovering and sticking to their new year resolution of eating healthy.

We were seated around the counter and could see the food being prepared which always adds to the experience. The server was extremely nice and helped both of us decide what to eat; I don’t eat pork and my friend is lactose intolerant… She patiently helped us and even suggested slight changes in recipe (olive oil instead of butter) to accommodate us, I was already in love with the place.

So moving on to the food; we ordered tomato bruschetta, Spanish Tortilla (Omelette), little ocutpuses battered and crisp fried, Arroz Negro (rice with cuttlefish) and Rabo de toro which is Ox tail.

The food started arriving soon and the plates are awesome to share, grabbing a taste of everything, the tomato bread was nice and the olive oil generously garnished with the omelette which was very nice and soft and oozing with veggies and before we knew we had the cute little crispy octopuses with lime and we could just not stop nibbling on them, just like peanuts, nom nom!!!

Finally the hero of the movie arrives; Arroz Negro or rice with squid prepared in its ink with octopuses. The dark color of the rice was because of the squid ink which is used to add flavour and after the first spoon we just looked at each other with utter amazement and without saying anything just kept eating; absolutely divine!!!

The last piece to try was Rabo de Toro which was quite nice with the sauce but it seemed slightly bland after the rice to be honest.

Barrafina was absolutely amazing and as the restaurant food goes in London, this one deserves a medal for being so awesome.

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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