Parrilla Pena

The best steak I have had in Buenos Aires!!!

Parilla Pena is a family run Parill or steakhouse based in downtown Buenos Aires. Located a few minutes walk from the metro station the restaurants is not one of the fancy ones you see int he trendier areas like Palermo in Buenos Aires but it has character and charisma which makes it a different experience.

You enter the place and see tables full of locals and hardly any foreigners, families celebrating something and friends laughing and joking. I somehow felt I was going to have a great meal and my intuition was right.

The owner is a very friendly and warm man in his 60’s and I felt almost embarrassed at how nice he was. I was seated promptly and handed the drinks and food menu along with a complementary empanada. I carefully bit into the piece of deliciousness and scanned for a suitable steak and finally I chose Bife de Lomo or tenderloin steak. I specifically told them I was it medium rare and not overcooked the way Argentinean usually do.

I had a look around and enjoyed the pre-Christmas atmosphere with some friendly nods and inquisitive looks. I started taking my notes and soon after arrived the steak. This massive chunk of beef looked perfectly grilled and as I dug in, I almost felt emotional, finally a  great steak in Buenos Aires. My trip to Argentina is complete now. I mentally ticked the box with the list of things to do in Argentina.


Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

One thought on “Parrilla Pena

  1. Food travel – great way to deeply engage with a place! 🙂 Wrote about something recently.. on why the destination has to be felt deeply before and during, for the travel to be real..

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