With most of the Urban population in Buenos Aires, descendants of Italian and Spanish there’s a slightly awkward but rich culture of Pizza parlors alongside parillas (steakhouses) and quite surprisingly you can fit a bit of both in your diet with some great ranges available around the city.

Guerrin is located in the downtown and recommended by many included my guide from walking tours not only as a great and cheap place but also being one of the oldest pizzerias in Buenos Aires.

The exterior is loaded with stickers and flashy advertising; hardly the upscale restaurant mark but this isn’t a fancy place anyway so you walk right past and grab a seat with a waiter handing you a hefty menu full of pizza choices. It was hard to decide with so many options ranging from different types of cheese to seafood and steak pizzas. I finally gacve up and asked the wait about his recommendations and he suggested I go for half and half option with seafood pizza and cheese pizza. I quite liked the idea even though the idea of seafood on pizza is quite weird but I was in an adventurous mood so I ordered mixed seafood and 4 cheese pizza with some soft drinks.

After about 15 minutes the waiter brought this pizza smothered in cheese and covered in toppings and I felt like Pavlov’s dog, drooling all over the place. I dug in and after a few bites all I could say was WOW!!! The pizza was amazing, so full of character, flavour and the toppings were in abundance. I thought I’d be able to order another one but it was quite heavy despite being regular sized.

Geurrin is a must do in Buenos Aires especially at the nd of a tour when your body craves some great food. I paid the bill (cheapest pizza ever!) and headed to my hotel for a relaxing siesta happy and fulfilled.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££

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