Jane Tira

So after a failed attempt to get seats at another restaurant that doesn’t take bookings we were trying to get food somewhere in Soho on a Friday night; miserable! To make it worse it was the same weekend as Lumaire (the light festival) and you couldn’t see a place without a queue the size of the Great Wall of China.

I spotted a relatively smaller queue at Jane Tira and we dived in. I have always been a big fan of cosy little cafes that smell amazing and serve great food and fell in love with the place instantly. We got seats quite quickly because we were only two.

The place is quite small and comfy and the menu was quite tempting and us very hungry; it was just the right combo which sadly didn’t last for very long.

We ordered son-in-law balls (I am still laughing about this and how my friend looked at me when I ordered it) as well as Calamari and Morning Glory for starters which arrived in a bit.

The calamari was too sticky, dough-y and oily and dry inside without much taste to it, the balls (hard boiled half eggs coated with tamarind sauce) were relatively yummier and the sauce proved useful to eat calamari with.

For mains we ordered lamb musamman curry as well as Crying Tiger which is seared beef with steamed rice.

This is where the real disappointment started, the rice were all jumbled up and the morning glory that arrived with main course was absolutely tasteless. The beef had a very weird smell and after a lot of sauce I still couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

The lamb curry was okay with nice consistency but not a lot of flavor. The potatoes were a bit hard and peanuts in minuscule quantity.

The bill arrived which was about £30 per person for 2 course without any drinks.

Jane Tira was very disappointing not only in terms of food but also in terms of price. The only saving grace was the ambiance and the staff friendliness.

Sad times!!!


Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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