San Anton Market

The trendiest areas of Madrid has Chueca on top and this market is in the heart of Chueca neighbourhood. From outside it looks quite chic and trendy with a supermarket on the lower level and then stalls of fresh produce on the first and second floor with some cafes and tapas places on second and third floor along with some bars and terrace seating.

The fruit is so tempting you cannot resist trying a bit and I’m not even going to waste time by describing how amazing the fruit was especially oranges, something I always loved about Spain.

The top floor of San Anton Market is the hub of all Tapas related activity and you get different stalls offering different types like meat, seafood or regional food like bites from Canary Islands.

My favourite was Bacalao which was on the right hand on top floor. Bacalao means Fish in Spanish and this place has the most amazing variety I have seen anywhere and only for 1 euro a piece. I got Salmon, Herring, Cod, Octopus and as many other as possible and then I went again. I guess this was the cheapest and easiest food I have had in Madrid. The ladies at the stall were very friendly and threw in an extra piece the second time I went with a smile.

Overall this little market is quite fun with a lot of food options, sweet and savory, cold and hot with a relaxed environment and  also close to the metro station. You can chill out with a beer and grab some bites or go for a big lunch on the terrace enjoying the magnificent Spanish sun.

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