Metro Bistro

Madrid is the heart of culture in Spain in the North and this beautiful city has some real gems, Metro Bistro is one of them without a doubt. A small walk from Puerto del Sol square and Plaza Mayor this Metro Bistro believes in delivering food with a twist and we can vouch for that claim. The entrance is nice and the dining area and bar are very pleasant.

I arrived earlier for Spanish lunch time which gave me some time to enjoy the food quicker and a little chat with the management about their idea of food. The staff was very friendly and promptly got me seated with very creative and beautiful menus (trust me it makes a huge difference how your menu looks and feels).

After the ordering part I got to taste a little mojito with little celery which was refreshing and I surprisingly found myself prepared for the delicious food to come with a fresher mind. Soon after the basket of bread arrived with two different types of butter, one with herbs and other with pumpkin seeds. The bread itself was soft and delicious especially the sticks. The butter just made it better.

For starters I chose cured Veal meat from Bierzo with cream cheese, black olives and semi dry tomatoes, which although seems like a mix of things, arrived neatly with perfect presentation. The first bite absolutely took me over cloud nine. I don’t think I have ever finished such a big plate of food so quickly. The cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes complimented the veal stunningly.

A little chat later about how the chef derives his inspiration for food, I got served with the main course; lamb gigot with crispy trumpet mushroom and truffled potato.  It was again delicious with one minor problem, the smell!!! With crispy mushrooms and potatoes however it went deliciously and I had to soon remind myself that I do not possess unlimited stomach and couldn’t finish that much food that quickly. I relaxed and watched people passing by doing their day to day activities and finally when I left my plate absolutely clean, I asked for the bill.

The bill arrived in another beautiful parchment with a complementary dessert both of which made parting with money much happier than ever before. Metro was every bit as amazing as I’d read and with the creative and delicious food this bistro has the ambiance, the style and that certain touch which makes it one of a kind. Keep it up Metro Bistro!!!

Food Experience ★★★★
Service ★★★★
Ambiance ★★★★
Price £££££


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