San Miguel Market

When it comes to food markets we are all used to old style markets in Europe that are either in open air with small stalls or in old buildings that have no other purpose left probably, San Miguel Market is an exception. This market is made with glass walls with a modern exterior and a very bohemian feeling wooden roof, you can see the stalls and food from outside the market.

I have been told it is quite expensive and touristy (DUH!!!, it’s right in the center of Madrid) but I didn’t hear any complains about the food or taste here so it’s all good you guys.

Spain is probably the best country when it comes to fruits that actually taste of fruits and not a squidgy mix of fiber and shoddy craftsmanship by lazy North European Mother Nature and the moment you enter you will not only see all type of fruit and veg but also a big collection of delicious fruits that will make you wish for a bigger stomach and bladder.

In terms of drinking the options are plenty and you can get whatever you want be it wine, beer, spirits or cocktails with fresh fruit and you will also see mulled wine around Christmas so yeah!!!

For good the options are endless whether you want cured ham or tapas in all shapes, sizes, forms and types from cheese to meat to veg to seafood and everything in between. There’s also some awesome stalls with lots of dessert options with a big selection or if you already feel full, try a glass of fresh juice and grab one to go and sip while enjoying the beautiful downtown of Madrid.

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