Randall & Aubin

“Birthday surprise! We are going to a seafood bar to celebrate, put your party pants on and get ready for some oyster party in your mouth”. This was my conversation with my friend who got mega excited about Randall & Aubin and we headed there one fine evening all dressed up and happy.

We were told that the restaurant doesn’t take reservations for dinner (Lunch only, weird!!!) so we arrived to be told that even though we were the only one’s waiting there was a 40 minute waiting time and the waiter was quite rude so yeah that dampened the spirits a bit.

We patiently waited till we got a table and by that time we could hear our tummies growling. The interior is quite nice and with Christmas decorations looks even better.

Finally some people had mercy and left and we got our seats, we sat down and checked the menu which was quite extensive and looked really nice with the exception of a little wannabe French touch (no English translation for quite a few things and my French is as good as your cling on).

We decided to go for 16 piece mixed oysters, calamari and queen scallops for starters. The oysters were mixed with English French and Irish oysters on a bed of ice with lemon. The starters and oysters were amazing, calamari was soft, oysters fresh and scallops perfectly sauced. My favourite were the Irish sourced oysters despite all of heard about the French ones.

For mains we ordered dressed crab with potato salad, lobster po boy (it is a glorified sandwich) and spaghetti with mussels and clams. Apart from the lobster sandwich the food was very bland and we ordered extra cheese and fries to make it more edible. Sigh! All that excitement wasted, only the waiter who came to take our order was much nicer and explained a few things and suggested a few things as well.

We decided against taking more chances and headed to Scoop for some late night waffle with Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla ice cream. The three stars are because of ambience and how awesome the starters were. We have faith in you Randall and Aubin, you can do better!!!

Food Experience       ★★★★★

Service                        ★★★★★

Ambiance                   ★★★★

Price                             £££££

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