Kerb on the Quay

Canary Wharf is a boring place to eat because the only food you find here is food chains and boring cafeteria. After praying for a miracle I finally saw Kerb on the Quay; right across from work. Kerb is bringing joy and a little colour to us people with suits dotted on and eating from salad bars on days it is not here.

The idea is awesome and the rotating vendors provide a lot of variety, the details of rota can be found on their website. The best part of street food is how bare the competition is and how the good food warrants a great audience and for users; it much cheaper than restaurants. Quality with great atmosphere and great experimental food will just blow your mind. Kerb on the Quay runs from Wednesday to Friday. Kerb also runs in King’s Cross, Spitalfields, Paddington and Gherkin in the City of London on different days. Check out the schedule here. I am not going to bore you with further details instead take you on the tour of Kerb for a usual day.

The first cute little van you will find will be Mouse Tail coffee and while not being a permanent member of Kerb family, I love this place for their amazing coffee and what it can do for you. I always grab a shot of Espresso to add some flavor and get rid of sweet stuff cravings (shhhh!). It is seriously awesome.

Some of my favourite places are The Steakhaus, awesome steak and chips with Béarnaise or Chimichuri sauce. I always get the medium rare steak with chips or a baguette.

Another gem and one of my favourites is Crabbie Shack. This heaven in a bun place sells brioche buns with soft shell crabs in a variety of options from avocado sauce to almonds and coriander with amazing sauces. You can also satisfy your hunger with a lobster roll or if you’re just greedy (like me) double up on crab.

Another amazing spot is Kimchinary which sells  Swedish-Korean-Mexican burritos and while it doesn’t sound as appealing the Korean sauces inside a burrito do quite a number on you, absolutely love this combo. Pochi is another cute little place with scaled salmon with veggies, pickles and rice with some sauce on the days you want to eat lighter and feel fresh.

Butchers and brine, Allihopa, Mother Clucker, Mother flipper, the list is quite huge and the combinations endless with variety that will make you scratch your head between which one to choose.

For me, I am patiently working on trying new ones and returning to favourite old spots but I have yet to experience the disappointment!!!!

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