Hawker House

Canada Water was probably the quietest area in the whole of zone 1 and 2 with barely any food places until came the food savior; Hawker House.

I love the description on their website which is quite apt; London’s Nomadic Street Food Circus.

I saw some people distributing the flyers and didn’t think much of it until lack of will to cook dragged me down to the place and it was the best surprise I got since I moved into this area.

The biggest plus this place has is the indoor venue, this used to be Daily Mail warehouse before (please don’t judge the place based on this info alone).

You enter through the heavy curtains and pretty intimidating bouncers and get your wrists stamped. It is free before 7 and then 3 pounds till 10 after which the rate goes higher.

The place is divided into 2 main halls with really cool bars offering American Craft beer and the main bar serves it all.

The second hall has a cool bar cum lounge, a wine place and another offering offering awesome cocktails. The atmosphere is pretty chic and you forget for time that you are sitting in a warehouse.

Now to the star of the show, fooooood. The list is quite impressive with a great variety, the only thing missing is vegetarian food for which there was the Indian stall only but if you’re a carnivore this place offers foodgasms after foodgasms and then some more.

You will find my favourite jerk chicken here, these guys are absolutely awesome and every one who’s tried this place has asked to come back. These knights with a grill and some awesome recipes are ‘White Men Can’t Jerk’ (I still grin a little when I read the name. My favourite is wings with mango sauce, I guarantee you you will lick your fingers clean.

The other places including a cool Venezuelan street food stall, yum buns which serves soft buns (try the duck and pulled pork combo). Another ones of my favourites is Smokestak which has the best BBQ sauce in this sweet city, mix this with perfectly soft beef ribs and you have another foodgasm.

On the other side we have some other places which makes choosing even more difficult. Prawnography has the most amazing crab fries ever, lobster rolls and tacos all serve amazing options but the heart winner is Meat Hook which smokes steak which you can see right in front of your amazed eyes.

Hawker house is not only an amazing place for food, it provides the perfect ambiance after an after work drink or a friends night out or even sometime for yourself for people

Watching while filling your stomach and mouth with amazing food that will leave you craving for more.

Hawker House has other venues in Shoreditch (Dinerama), Dalston (Dalston Yard) and Lewisham (Model Market) and you can check the details of their venues on their website.

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