Southbank Christmas Market

Christmas is the time of year when everyone is happy and no one cares about big tummies and eating, drinking and gifts are the focus of life and all health and look concerns are left for New Year resolutions and Christmas markets are the main source of happiness, joy, alcohol and carbs.

No more carb-bitching sorry!

I finished work in a rush because my friends promised cheapest and the most amazing mulled cider and wine at the Southbank Christmas Market. After elbowing half of London in the tube, I finally reached the South Bank walk and it reminded me of why I fell in love with London.

The usual stalls were there and we got the mulled cider which was absolutely awesome. The stall also sells award winning jams, jellies and marmalades; it is a little hut of happiness.

Christmas market this year has been set up with a cider lodge in the middle and stalls all around. The queues of people were pretty long and we decided to take a look around. My salivary glands got overexcited at the sight of so many different types of food. The variety was awesome from Swedish to Polish, Indian, Greek and my favourite Burger and Beyond.

We finished our drinks and my friend decided to get the food from Polish deli and I was hell-bent on a nice juicy medium rare burger so headed to Burger and beyond. The food was absolutely delicious; I tried a bit of sausage with potatoes and loved it. I still had some space in my stomach so ended up ordering the venison burger from Swedish place, sadly this was more disappointing especially because of all the waiting.

Next stop was dessert (woohooo!), we got some waffles with strawberries and ice cream and sat down to enjoy the creamy heavenly treat. My German friend instantly stopped me as we were walking along the bank and dragged me to this small shop selling some sweets which kind of looked like those steel salt and pepper pots in cafeteria but made of chocolate. We grabbed one each and bit into it, while I was expecting a more cake like structure, the interior was foamy, mousse like sweetened cream and 2 minutes later none of it remained outside our stomachs, yum yum!!!

We grabbed another drink and sat on the benches looking at the London skyline, admiring how blessed we are and talked till 10pm just like you do…


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