30 years ago a family migrated from Kahramanmaras to Istanbul with no money and no food for the children or adults. The mother made some food and asked her husband to sell it in the market. These were içli (pronounced ichli) Kofte. The kofte were a huge hit and 30 years later this place has had visitors from different walks of life to try the famous kofte.
We got curious about what makes them so special and headed out to Istiklal Street in Main Istanbul centre. The place is next to Zara and was slightly difficult to find as it is located on the fifth floor and at the entrance is a club with bouncers.
The moment you enter you will feel the homely vibe. This truly is a family restaurant as the family from adults to children all work here.
The kofte were delicious with stuffing of minced meat and bulgar wheat with a few drops of lemon.
Mango was a new find, it is like ravioli but with yogurt sauce eh oh is well suited for summers. The price of kofte is still the same for years now and there is no plan to increase it by the owners.
The place falls within inexpensive to medium pricey range. Do visit Sabirtasi if you fancy a nice meal with view of Istiklal street and very hospitable staff.

Food Experience       ★★★★

Service                        ★★★★

Ambiance                   ★★★★★

Price                             £££££

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