Hungry Donkey

Greeks gave us democracy, philosophy, science, medicine and most importantly amazing food (I can live on Feta Cheese alone, yumm!).
Hungry Donkey is a beautiful little cafe cum restaurant at walking distance from Aldgate East or Liverpool street stations. The place is modern with cozy environment (albeit the street it is on is not-so-chic!). We were seated promptly and given menus which had a good variety of all food from starters to salads to Moussaka and desserts.
We ordered Manouri & Ladotyri Cheeseballs and Bruschetta with tomatoes. Both were delicious especially the cheeseballs with honey drizzled over.
For main we ordered chicken skewers with hand cut chips and Moussaka. The chicken was tender and chips fresh but I guess the highlight of the meal was Moussaka (rightfully so!). The cheese was perfect, mince very soft and potatoes perfectly done.
The last bit was slightly disappointing; cheese cake. I think it was because of Mannouri cheese which is inherently slightly tangier than other cheese.
The general impression was positive, the only negative points was sow service. Hungry Donkey is well worth a visit.

Food Experience       ★★★★

Service                        ★★★★

Ambiance                   ★★★★

Price                             £££££


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