FM Mangal

There’s plenty of Turkish restaurant in London but what makes FM Mangal stand out is the quality of meat. This place can be easily described in two words as ‘Fresh BBQ’.
Turkish food uses a different set of spices than South Asian food; the focus is on aroma and taste rather than the level of spiciness. you can easily see the difference in food here.
The restaurant is located in a Camberwell Green and not a looker from outside but the interior is beautiful with Turkish lamps hanging and a sense of peacefulness.
We ordered the chef recommended FM Mangal Special BBQ platter. You always get complimentary starter here which is naan bread with a special spice on it with plum sauce which has grilled onion and grilled garlic. This stuff is literally finger licking good.
The food arrived shortly and the size of platter was absolutely exciting; it included chicken wings, lamb spare ribs, lamb chops, lamb cubes, lamb minced kebab and a quail. It comes with three types of Turkish salad, grilled tomatoes, sweet chilliest and rice.
This is a good mix of their whole grilled menu.
The meat was succulent and juicy without excessive spices. You need to Ayran to enjoy the complete Tate of food which is a Turkish yogurt drink and is salty.
For desserts you should delve into the amazing Turkish baklava which is a pastry with sugar syrup and pistachios.
With bill, always expect a piece of seasonal fruit that leaves you feeling fresh.
It is a bit of a travel from central but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
If you’re ever around or want fresh amazing Turkish food, this is your place.

Food Experience       ★★★★★

Service                        ★★★★

Ambiance                   ★★★★

Price                             £££££

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