In the narrow streets of Badshahi Mohalla, you will find a rooftop restaurant that overlooks Badshahi mosque, you will hear Adhan and the sound of courtesans practicing their songs for that nights performance side by side in the same sitting.

I’ve always had this romantic idea of this area where well dressed courtesans would be singing ghazals on harmonium and tabla, sadly that’s a bit far fetched but it still excited me every single time I visited this place, its like a peak into parallel universe.
Andaaz has always been about contrast for me. It’s grand on a smaller scale. You will have to climb a few stories to get to the top floor through a narrow staircase but when you reach the sitting area it seems all worth it. The crowd here is usually posh but the food very local. The chef has a special gift of turning basic food like khichri into a master piece.
Every single dish is worth trying and the desserts at the end make you feel like your life is complete. This has been one of my ultimate favourite places. It is a bit pricey from local standards but the food, the view and the charm makes it totally worthwhile. Andaaz is a must visit!

Food Experience       ★★★★★

Service                        ★★★★

Ambiance                   ★★★★★

Price                             £££££

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