Busaba Eathai

Since I moved to London I have been to Busaba more than a 100 times and I have never been disappointed. The taste is great, the food satisfying in the best possible way and not very heavy on pocket or stomach. This Thai fusion place servers a range of curries, wok noodles, BBQ, rice and soups with amazing teas on side.
You definitely need to order calamari and also Goong tahd (breaded prawns) for its maxing tangy sauce.

I normally order Sen chan Pad thai (extra spicy) which has unripened mango and crab meat with tofu and prawns along with sides mentioned above. They have recently added some other things like tamarind wings and duck breast which have made the eating experience even better.

If you are ever in London and have one meal I would recommend you eat at this is the place, I have taken every single friend of mine and always got praises and wows. Get ready and head to Busaba which has all the convenience of a chain with all the taste of a small kitchen.

Food Experience       ★★★★★
Service                        ★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★
Price                             £££££

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