Fish, Wings & Tings

If you hate chicken, you haven’t tried Jerk Chicken for sure. It is the tastiest yummiest form of chicken full of flavor and juices with a sauce famous for its tanginess. Brixton village has a tiny cafe at one corner which should be very easy to identify (Fish, Wings & Tings has the brightest colours that draw you towards it). This is Fish, Wings and Tings. This little cafe in Brixton Village market is famous for its jerk chicken.

We arrived on a cold Sunday afternoon and sat down inside the cozy cafe which literally has 4 tables and a kitchen on one side. The menu was colourful and easy to choose from. We went with Tamarind sauced Chicken wings for starters and for main went with Jerk Chicken and Goat Roti. Within the next 5 minutes we had food in front of us and we jumped on it, the wings were DELICIOUS and the sauce was perfectly tangy without being harsh on your throat.

And then arrived goat Roti which is layered thin bread like Indian Roti but I think it is made of corn flour with goat meat chunks on side with some veggies and also the famous jerk chicken with rice and slaw.
The food was so yummy we definitely overate and had literally no space for a dessert so we paid the bill which was the cheapest I have ever paid for such amazing food in London and went for a walk around the Brixton Park to help with digestion.

Food Experience       ★★★★
Service                        ★★★★★
Ambiance                   ★★★★★
Price                             £££££