Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is the perfect spot to pick up food on the way or on the way back from Greenwich or Cutty Sark. It’s a small market with small stalls of antiques and other stuff on one side and food stalls on the other. I can’t think of a better place to have food around Greenwich than this market.
The stalls serve everything from toast ref with rosemary potatoes to same sad and the whole place smells of amazing cinnamon which drives you to try the amazing coffee that simply adds warmth on colder days with a tinge of freshness.
The chocolate stall is my favourite, I can munch on the little balls of deliciousness forever (I accept the punishment of extra time on treadmill) and then comes macaroons.
For a selection of savoury food you have the option to try roast beef, Japanese teriyaki chicken, Venezuelan street food, Indian jalfrezi ch Chen to awesome sandwiches.
It’s a one stop shop for utter deliciousness in Greenwich and oh, don’t forget to try the Brazillian Churros!


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