Food Discoveries

It has been an amazing journey that introduced me to the intricacies of food and eating and developed a new relationship with food but unfortunately it is time to move on. The blog is no longer updated but I’m leaving it as-is for your info. Eat, travel and be merry!!!

Food Discoveries London is a Reviews based blog dedicated to my personal experience of restaurants, cafes, food markets, food shops and most importantly a celebration of all the beautiful cuisines that tickle our taste buds from Far Eastern to Latin American food. We don’t care about Michelin Stars, the only merit to rate a place is by the quality of food and experience of visit.

The reviews are non paid and strictly on the base of quality of food in and around London. The Travel section features all the places I have been during my travels that serve authentic local food.

This blog also features a range of other food related topicsĀ from food markets and streets food to Gluten free heavens to raw foodists kitchens. Healthy food is the new obsession for me and I am always experimenting with different materials and cuisines.

London is full of amazing food that will amaze you to no limit, We regularly pick restaurants and cafe’s that have something special, a little more than tourist bling, that focus on the quality and experience be it a small cafe in the streets of Soho or a place to propose your loved ones.

London is unique when it comes to metropolitan cities, it boasts pretty much every cuisine you could ask for and mostly at very affordable price. We will explore the rich food palate from South American to Far Eastern, Sushi to Ceviches and those spicy curries.

Let the journey begin…

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